Miscellaneous stuff

Here you will find miscellaneous notes about the books I read, recipes and stuff.


Here are just some random notes about the books I read. The idea here is to write what is more important in each chapter, page etc. of each book worth to be noted. Sometimes it is just a transcription of some parts of the books (the most important ones, for me), sometimes a summary of important subjects so it is easy to find it further, or just my opinion in something.

Must of them are in Portuguese, which is the language I read most of the books.


This is one of the parts I must like. I'm a hobbist on languages and translation, but I'm too far from being an expert. I'm a reader of English books but I frequently come across words that I don't know. When it happens, I write down the word with the definition at that point of the text, after consulting the dictionaries. In this section you will find my dictionary on LIBRAS too.


Some recipes of food I like to cook. In Portuguese only, for now.