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Technical notes

This is my personal repository of technical documentation and notes written by me. Near every problem I face and it is worth documentating if I have the same problem again (or if it is good to show for people on the web), I put here.

I hope it can help you sometime.

Eventually, I ended up dropping some patches I did on software I use. Check the Patches section.


Operating System Development notes

This is a section I created to register my quest on operating system programming. For now, I'm actually a newbie and never did anything really useful in this aspect. But I have the willing to learn more on this.

For now, I have made available the following documents:



Patch against Mediawiki 1.22 to make send of e-mail work with the one configured in $wpSMTP instead of users' e-mail. Instead of using this patch I strong recommend you to upgrade to a newer version.


Small patch to make default cursor of mutt index just an underline decoration. This works with Mutt 1.10.1.