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Postfix notes

Last update to this page was in: 2019-04-13.


This page has only a few notes about Postfix. If you want to read a more detailed guide on how to install and configure it (along with Dovecot and other servers) see NetBSD mail server with Postfix, BIND (for DNS), Dovecot, Pigeonhole (Sieve), SSL, DKIM and SPF

Useful commands

General commands

Shows messages that are queued. This is the same as postqueue -p
postcat -vq file
Shows the content of the enqueued message. file is the code of the message used by Postfix, as shown by mailq.
postqueue -p
Same as mailq
Displays values of main.cf
postconf -d
Displays default values instead of the ones user configured.
postsuper -d ID
Delete queued message with ID ID