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Reset Mac OS X Lion password

How to reset the password of a system with Mac OS X Lion? It depends of the version, but since I got a 10.7 to make maintenance to, I'll document that.

It is already well in the link below. But it is worth to put some difficulties I had.

Reset a Mac OS X Mavericks or Mountain Lion Password

Restart your Mac holding the *Option* key. Since I was using a standard US keyboard, I had to hold the left *Alt* key, instead. A boot menu will appear. There might be at least two partitions there, one regarding the Recovery option. Select this.

After a while, a window **Mac OS X Utilities** will appear, letting you chose between some options, like reinstalling your Mac. But there is a bar above. In the *Utilities* Menu, chose *Terminal*.

Note: The screen in my monitor was just mispositioned. Imagine how much time I wasted trying to discover where was the *Terminal* option... Pay attention.

In the terminal, type resetpassword. In the window that will show up, chose the users you want to reset the password and insert the new one.