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Lex & Yacc (and Flex & Bison) notes


Error ...In function yyparse': ...: undefined reference to yylex'

Once, I got an error like::

    parser.o: In function `yyparse':
    parser.c:(.text+0x3ac): undefined reference to `yylex'

And that was because the lex file (parser.l) and the yacc file (parser.y) had the same radix name (parser.). The build system (automake) was creating a file parser.c from both, so the file generated by lex file was overwriting the one generated by yacc (or the opposite). I had to use different names for the lexical analyzer (that I called tokenizer.l) and the parser (that I called parser.y).

Error ...In function yylex': ...:968: undefined reference to yywrap'

I just declared my own yywrap() function

    tasks.c:int yywrap(void) { return 1; }

flex lexer - Undefined Reference To yywrap - Stack Overflow

Bison seems to have an extension so you can do this::

    %option noyywrap