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Procmail notes

Procmail stopped to deliver messages

I soon realized that my procmail just stopped to deliver e-mails. For debugging I executed the following methods:

1. Tried to run procmail without any parameters. Typed something and saw where it delivered e-mail.

2. Tried to run procmail VERBOSE=on to see where it delivered e-mail.

3. Tried to insert VERBOSE=on to .procmailrc and ran procmail (without parameters). Procmail didn't output any information and didn't delivered the e-mail to the right place (it delivered to /var/mail/user). So, I discovered that it couldn't read ~/.procmailrc. Why?

${HOME}, in this case, was mounted via NFS. I checked the permissions (ls -l /home). ${HOME}'s owner was root, not the owner of .procmailrc! So I changed to the right permissions (working at the NFS server and client), and procmail started to work fine.