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Basic and useful commands


Donwloads a link (the parameter to this command can be the path to a torrent file, for example).
pause <num>
Pause download number <num>
resume <num>
Resume download number <num>, which was paused.
Show downloads.
Show users uploading.
Statistics on upload.


Setting up MLDonkey in NetBSD

When installing MLDonkey in NetBSD using pkgsrc, it is worth to change the MLDONKEY_HOME variable to where you want to be the home of the mldonkey user. By default, the installation will put it in /var/mldonkey.

Then install it as you would install any program via pkgsrc.

Now, copy the startup file to /etc/rc.d and update rc.conf::

    # cp /usr/p../../share/examples/rc.d/mldonkey /etc/rc.d/
    # echo mldonkey=YES >> /etc/rc.conf
    # /etc/rc.d/mldonkey start

When starting, you can get a strange error like::

    "su - no directory"

In this case, create the $MLDONKEY_HOME manually (don't forget to set the right permissions to it). Also, create /var/mldonkey even if it is different from $MLDONKEY_HOME, because it is still the default HOME in /etc/passwd.