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GTK Trouble shooting

Making GTK recognize ' + c as รง (ccedilla)

According to this site, it is necessary to tell GTK+ 2 load the 'cedilla' module for the language your system is configured. You can force it setting the following variable before running a GTK+ 2 application:


Fixing wrong fonts in GTK applications in NetBSD

After installing some GTK applications (Firefox, Gimp, etc.) I saw they were with wrong and very ugly fonts. Firefox was even unable to render pages accordingly. After some search, I saw I didn't install package dejavu-ttf, which has a set of fonts used by GTK apps. After that, it was necessary to call the fc-cache command, to rebuild font cache database:

# fc-cache -fv

This page helped me.

Another reason can be the lack of some fonts. In one case, I had to manually add the dejavu-ttf-2.34.tgz package (fonts/dejavu-ttf) which was not marked as a dependency for GTK.