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Using multiple profiles support in Mozilla Firefox 1.5.0.x

Firefox 1.0.x, the new version 1.5.0.x doesn't allow multiple profiles for default. I looked for it for more than two hours on google and Mozilla developer documentation. Then I finally decided to ask to #firefox guys on Freenode. Here is the solution:

First call the Firefox Profile Manager in your favorite shell::

    $ firefox -ProfileManager

Create the profiles you want. Then enter a shell and set the MOZ_NO_REMOTE environment variable to 1::

    $ export MOZ_NO_REMOTE=1

Now, everytime you exec firefox, it will ask you what profile it should use. Remember to set MOZ_NO_REMOTE to 1 where you call it from.

Firefox with flash in NetBSD

To get firefox running with Flash support in NetBSD, install firefox-bin-flash::

    $ cd /usr/pkgsrc/www/firefox-bin-flash
    $ sudo make install

At this time, firefox should be running fine and flash too. But sound might failing. To correct this, you will have to use the plugin. Reference 1 says where you can find it, although I googled for it and found in another site. If you find it as a binary rpm, extract it::

    $ rpm2cpio libflashsupport*.rpm | pax

Move the to pkg/lib/firefox-linux/plugins/

    $ mv usr/lib/ /usr/pkg/lib/firefox-linux/plugins/

You are likely to install the openssl library as needs it (see firefox output). It can be found in pkgsrc/emulators/suse100_openssl.


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