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pkgsrc tips

msmtp with SSL support

To install msmtp with SSL support, you will need to add the following option to /etc/mk.conf:

echo PKG_OPTIONS.msmtp+=ssl

Install OpenOffice binary in NetBSD

Ao utilizar o OpenOffice instalado pelo pkgsrc, o diretorio tmp/ da emulacao (/emul/linux/tmp) deve permitir acesso de leitura e escrita a todos os usuarios, assim:

# chmod 777 /emul/linux/tmp

Caso contrario, os usuarios sem acesso a este diretorio nao conseguirao ler e gravar dados.

pkg_add getting remote packets through proxy

If you are trying to download and install a binary package using pkg_add(1), and you set the env variable PKG_PATH as a remote directory (using the HTTP protocol, for example: http://ftp.pkgsrc.org/...) don't forget to correctly set the the http_proxy env variable if you are behind a proxy. That is because pkg_add(1) uses ftp(1) to fetch files and it needs the http_proxy variable to be set to correct download packages.