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Mac OS X Tips

Reset Mac OS X Lion password

How to reset the password of a system with Mac OS X Lion? It depends of the version, but since I got a 10.7 to make maintenance to, I'll document that.

It is already well documented here. But it is worth to put some difficulties I had.

Restart your Mac holding the Option key. Since I was using a standard US keyboard, I had to hold the left Alt key, instead. A boot menu will appear. There might be at least two partitions there, one regarding the Recovery option. Select this.

After a while, a window Mac OS X Utilities will appear, letting you chose between some options, like reinstalling your Mac. But there is a bar above. In the Utilities Menu, chose Terminal.


The screen in my monitor was just mispositioned. Imagine how much time I wasted trying to discover where was the Terminal option... Pay attention.

In the terminal, type resetpassword. In the window that will show up, chose the users you want to reset the password and insert the new one.