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Basic and useful commands

Donwloads a link (the parameter to this command can be the path to a torrent file, for example).
pause <num>
Pause download number <num>
resume <num>
Resume download number <num>, which was paused.
Show downloads.
Show users uploading.
Statistics on upload.

See more in the MLdonkeyCommandsExplained page.

Setting up MLDonkey in NetBSD

When installing MLDonkey in NetBSD using pkgsrc, it is worth to change the MLDONKEY_HOME variable to where you want to be the home of the mldonkey user. By default, the installation will put it in /var/mldonkey.

Then install it as you would install any program via pkgsrc.

Now, copy the startup file to /etc/rc.d and update rc.conf:

# cp /usr/p../../share/examples/rc.d/mldonkey /etc/rc.d/
# echo mldonkey=YES >> /etc/rc.conf
# /etc/rc.d/mldonkey start

When starting, you can get a strange error like:

"su - no directory"

In this case, create the $MLDONKEY_HOME manually (don't forget to set the right permissions to it). Also, create /var/mldonkey even if it is different from $MLDONKEY_HOME, because it is still the default HOME in /etc/passwd.