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mkisofs tips

To build ISO images which supports long filenames, use the "-joliet-long" option, like in this thread of the Linux Questions Forum.

"-l" is also useful, but it only supports 31 character filenames (mkisofs(8)).

Burning CD without creating an ISO image

To burn a CD using mkisofs + cdrecord, without creating a intermediate ISO image, make mkisofs output to stdout and pipe it to cdrecord, simply not passing the -o option to mkisofs.

Full command to create a Debian ISO

A good tip about how use mkisofs to burn a new Debian CD, from an extracted one, can be found in the Debian Automated Install page.


File ... is too large for current mkisofs settings - ignoring

Unfortunatelly the ISO 9660 filesystem has size limitations that avoid it to burn files greater than 4 GB. The solution is to try to reduce the size of the file (maybe splitting it) or using UDF instead of ISO 9660. Check this link for details.